"Thank you so much Rabbi. These classes are not only inspirational, but practical. It is really amazing that you can present such a seemingly illusive concept in a way that is practical."

"Wow! Thank you for an inspiring, systematic, and practical class."

 "...Every class left me with a fresh perspective."

"...I was a chronic pessimist, but these classes made me appreciate my life!"

"Wow! Thank you for an inspiring, systematic, and practical class!it really made a profound impact on me …"

"…The Simcha course delivered what it claimed to deliver: an excellently worked out and presented system of presenting the topic and making it about as practical to implement as possible."

 The Double Simcha Course

The simcha course is not just random ideas. 

It is a well-planned,

carefully thought out, systematic approach

which brings you

from point A to point B.

A UNIQUE course on simcha – fully based on a Torah perspective

Double strength Simcha course

With the best of

Rabbi Hadar Margolin


Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky,

Giving you 2 powerful simcha classes every week

for 8 weeks (one from each Rabbi)!

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